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This article offers a possible solution for an error message that the recorder was not found from InSync yet Windows is able to see the recorder, and the files on it. If the steps described here have been tried and have not resolved the problem, the recorder may have been previously incorrectly configured as a different model. For the example below I am using an Olympus DS-2400 recorder.


This error message will appear if the Olympus recorder has been configured as a different model. In this example, the .DAT file lets us know that our DS-2400 has been configured as a DS-4000 model. You can view this by closing the InSync application, plugging in the recorder and browsing to the Olympus removable drive typically E:\ or through the DSS Player software that came with the recorder.


To fix the problem, reconfigure the recorder correctly by deleting the bad DAT file and using InSync to reconfigure the recorder properly.

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